WordPress Training

Our classes are available in both in-person class-room style training as well as online training formats.

We can also customize our training to fit your needs or come to your office to train your employees.  We pride ourselves on providing flexible and effective WordPress learning opportunities.

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The following are just a sample of the classes we offer:

Intro to WordPress

Objective: Learn to use WordPress to effectively manage a website.

Appropriate for: Beginner to casual WordPresss users

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 2 days

Synopsis: Intro to WordPress is an intensive two day course that will take you from being a WordPress beginner to someone who knows it inside and out.

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how to install and manage a website using the WordPress CMS.  When the class is over you should have a solid understanding of how WordPress works, how to install it, how to publish and manage content, how to troubleshoot problems, and how to install plugins and themes.

Intro to WordPress Syllabus 2Day

WordPress Development - Level 1

Objective: Learn to convert an html website into a dynamic WordPress Theme.

Appropriate for: Those interested in creating or modifying WordPress themes.


  • A strong understanding of WordPress from the user’s perspective.
  • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Duration: 3 days

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn to take an existing website coded using html and css and convert it into a working WordPress theme that can be updated dynamically through the WordPress dashboard.  To do this, you will learn the basics of PHP coding, how themes and template files work, how WordPress dynamically pulls content from the database, and other WordPress template tags and functions.  After this training you will be familiar with the basics of developing for WordPress.

WordPress Development Level 1 Sylabus

WordPress Development - Level 2

Coming Soon.